M Is For Mastery Workshop Announced!

Learn how to take control of your camera to improve your images and creativity!

Down East Photography is hosting it’s first in-person workshop (masks required) at our new studio at the Union Center, 8 Union Street, Ellsworth, Maine.

This is a full day, hands-on workshop starting on 9:00AM on Saturday June 12th (2021) and going until 5:00PM (click here to register).

We are going to put your camera in the M mode!  Yep, that’s right…Manual!  The dreaded M!  Switching off those programmed modes and putting you behind the wheel.

We’ll discuss The Exposure Triangle and how you use your camera to adjust each aspect, either in unison with the others or to creatively step out of the box. 

We’ll dive in to Depth of Field, Stop Action and Slow Motion capture, Light Metering and Sensor Sensitivity through discussion and field practice with review.

For our field practice we’ll do some inside and outside of the studio, and weather permitting we’ll take a walk in to downtown Ellsworth to put it to the test in the real world.


·        Basic knowledge of digital camera operation and terminology

·         DSLR Camera with lens and memory card(s)

·         Tripod  (Optional, but highly recommended)

Your camera must allow you to switch to manual mode and independently adjust aperture, shutter, and ISO (please familiarize your self with how to do this before class, there are too many cameras with different menus for us to cover it in class.  There are tons of YouTube videos out there on camera operation).

There will be some light walking involved as we venture to the outside of the studio and then later to downtown Ellsworth to practice.

The registration fee of $249.99 includes presentation handouts, free parking, and light refreshments throughout the day (lunch on your own). Sign up by June 6 and save 20%! Seating limited to 15.

Register here

Register by June 6th and use the promo code of EarlyBird to save 20%.
Don’t wait too long, as we’re limited to 15 participants!

Using depth of field to isolate and bring the daffodil to the center of attention Night photography requires a delicate balance of aperture, length of exposure, and sensor sensitivity.
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