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Welcome to the Down East Photography blog roll.

Photography, like so many things life, is a skill.  And like any skill, some people have a
natural, effortless ability and others have to work a little harder.  The one thing that people in both categories
share is that skills require evolving understanding and regular practice.  Photography is right in there with playing a
musical instrument, driving a car, playing a sport, or giving a public speech.

I once saw an interview with the fabulous Liberace where he
stated, “If I miss one day of practice I can tell, if I miss two days of
practice my audience can tell.”  His
level of accomplishment was such that I’m not sure I could personally tell he
missed two days of practice, but that was his commitment to ensuring his skills
were at the level that provided his audience with the entertainment they were
entitled to enjoy.

As photographers we need to routinely combine our tools and
skills to strengthen our ability to use them to our best ability and to ensure
that they work as they should when we need them.

As artists we need to routinely exercise our creativity
since creativity begets creativity.  I
frequently develop numerous new image ideas while I’m in the middle of pursuing
and completing a single idea  that

I had
defined previously.

The one thing photographers routinely do is to not
practice!  And I have periods where I’m
just as guilty as the next photog.

So, let’s each put one foot on the path and start our
adventure together to learn and grow and create beautiful new images and art!

Going forward I’ll be making regular blog posts in a few
categories.  A given category will be
published on the day of the week indicated below, however there may not be one
in each category each week.

Technical Tuesday

Film (and analog) Friday

Storytelling Saturday

Seeing Sunday

During Technical Tuesday we’ll look at the nuts and bolts of
using our equipment and how they affect image generation.  In addition to understanding pieces like the
exposure triangle we’ll have assignments and tasks to exercise our skills create
muscle memory.

Film (and analog) Friday is about taking a step back in the
photography timeline and work with analog image creation methods.  Such as using film cameras and print making
using techniques such as silver gelatin, cyanotype, gum brichromate, carbon
transfer, etc.

Storytelling Saturday is where we’ll look deeper and beyond
the technical’s.  Every picture is worth
a thousand words, and every picture tells a story.  After all, that’s really the reason for
making a photograph or print, right?

Seeing Sunday is the time when we can combine our improving
technical skills with our expanding storytelling abilities to see the world as
we want it to show in our final production. 
What do we want to tell our audience? 
How do I capture it to be as I see it? 
What do I do to bring it all together?

In addition to regular blog posts, Down East Photography is
proud to present two upcoming workshop series for 2021 (and beyond):  Image Mastery and Retrography. 

Image Mastery will focus on learning our tools
and enhancing our visualization. 

Retrography is all about manual image creation using historical methods
and techniques (get it?  Retro—photography!).

A full schedule will be published shortly.  In the meantime, the first workshop will be during June 2021 and is “‘M’ Is For Mastery” where we’ll switch your digital camera from one of the program modes to Manual.  Yep, that’s right…Manual!  You’ll be in full control of your image creation.  This will be a full day in-person workshop with lecture, discussion, and exercises.  I’ll also be doing a virtual version of this through ArtWaves MDI, during the afternoon of July 14, 2021 and again on August 11, 2021.

Next up will be a couple of workshops about Cyanotype; a half day introduction course and a full day that digs in deeper.  Stay tuned for details!!

I hope you follow along and participate!

If you have subject ideas you’d like to see us discuss,
please send me an email so we can add it to the list!

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